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head lice lotion

Our Insecticide-Free head lice lotion kills head lice and nits by a physical mode of action which causes the internal organs to rupture. The killing action of natural Tea Tree oil is optimized by our patented encapsulation technology proven in comparative testing to improve efficacy and minimize killing time.

A registered medical device manufactured by Terpenetech LTD

100% effective with one application
University Tested
Consumer Friendly

Feature Rich Terpenator Head Lice Lotion

  • 100% effective in as little as 15 minutes
  • University Tested
  • Non-greasy, easy to apply and easy to rinse off
  • With natural, vegetal Tea Tree oil active ingredient
  • With patented micro-encapsulation technology
  • Can be applied to adults & children from 36-months old
  • Non irritating. Can be used to prevent re-infestation
  • Insecticide-free

Very efficient product

Field studies

Field trial to determine efficacy of Terpenator vs competing head lice lotion products

Number of participants
196 subjects

In vivo location
Deguela and Lena villages, Mali

Field trial to compare efficacy of YP Encapsulation Head Lice Lotion formulation with same Head Lice Lotion formulation without YP encapsulation.

Number of participants
180 subjects

In vivo location


Terpenator Head Lice formulations demonstrated to be superior to competitive products


YP Encapsulation formulation was statistically superior to non-YP encapsulation formulation

Highest standard of manufacturing and quality control

ISO 13485

  • Raw Materials meeting ingredient specifications
  • 3 analysis per Batch (Top/Bottom/Middle)
  • Quantitative active content
  • PH
  • Density
  • Viscosity

A safe, worry-free solution for Head Lice and Nits infestation

  • Insecticide-free, low toxicological raw material profile
  • No SLS, no Paraben, no Phenoxyethanol, no PEG
  • PH neutral
  • Does not irritate skin
  • Can be used on children from age 36 months old
  • Viscosity adjusted to minimize dripping – yields reduced exposure to eyes
  • Bio compatibility report written by certified toxicologist

Terpenator Head Lice Lotion has passed all required stability testing

  • Packaging materials chosen to prevent loss of active ingredient
    Oven tested: 2 weeks@ 52C then GC MS tested to confirm no loss of Active
  • Formula stable under ICH Standards 6 months
    Tested under normal, cold and warm temperature conditions
  • Chemical and physical testing to confirm stability of pH/Density/Viscosity/Aspect/Color
  • Challenge Tested to confirm antibacterial stability
  • Ambient, Transport and In-Use stability tested

Head Lice Lotion is available on Private Label Basis.

Potential Distribution Territories to be discussed.