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Terpenetech PHILOSOPHY

TerpeneTech believes that the future of Biocides lies in the development and commercialization of effective natural based products.

TerpeneTech is dedicated to promote the use of Natural Origin Actives to protect people and animals from potentially harmful chemicals and microorganisms. Nature is a great inspiration and often presents superior solutions. For example, plants are the source for natural chemicals such as essential oils that plants use for protection as well as for a multitude of plant origin pharmaceuticals.

TerpeneTech’s focus is to identify natural Terpene molecules and to evaluate their properties to ensure their safety and performance. The evaluation process includes eco- toxicity, bio-compatibility, stability and efficacy.

Natural based Terpenes have numerous positive features and benefits with broad consumer and commercial product applications. However, Terpenes have an important shortcoming. They are volatile and are therefore limited in their longevity. TerpeneTech’s Encapsulation Technology can play an important role in optimizing the performance of natural Terpenes by providing sustained release. In addition, the technology enables the elimination of surfactants and alcohols from product formulations.

Going from R&D to market requires diverse skills and know-how to ensure success. TerpeneTech treats its clients as partners and works closely with them to find optimum solutions. We share common goals, objectives and motivation to promote sustainable solutions for safer, better living and a brighter future.